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You are the new president of Nilfaqua in a critic political situation. Your main objective is to get reelected after 4 years while managing the country as better as possible. This demo contains one and a half years of government. 

This is a government simulator in a fictional universe happening during the 2020s containing humour and criticism to politicians around the world. 

You can interactuate with elements in the presidential office and manage 5 elements: the society, companies, climate change, army and international reputation. Take care of the changes in the office and the newspaper that will show if you are managing all aspects of the government adequatly.

Controls: use the mouse to play and the ESC key to end the game at any point.

This project is project made by students in Pompeu Fabra University at Barcelona for Narrative in Videogames subject.

Development Team:

  • Script and Design: Xavi Celades and Eloi Yerpes
  • Art: Arnau Ruiz
  • Programming: Sergi Olives

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and execute the file PresidentSimulator.exe (only for Windows).


ThePresidentsDilemma.zip 33 MB


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Deleted 1 year ago

Hello Sierpinin,

Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate it! I think we are not going to make a full game, this was a university project with a small team and we are not together anymore, so there is no plan to get back to this game right now.